Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sheila's Cunt Is Shiny

You know the old say "can't polish a turd?" Of course you do. But I was recently introduced to the notion that you can "shellac it until it's shiny."

Love it. The phrase brings to mind fat and bejeweled Elvis impersonators, a song called "She Ain't Pretty She Just Looks That Way" (by Canadian band Northern Pikes--good stuff), and people with no class trying to drape themselves in the guise of respectability.

I need a place to unload my mind that has nothing to do with dolls or dogs or anything else, just my place to word vomit ... the phrase was so beautiful that I've decided it's gotta be the title of one of my books someday (I *will* get a novel--or several--published eventually, dammit). Of course finding the time to write is ... meh ... not happening.

Happily this morning I quickly set up my new little blog, jumped in the shower with hubby too regale him with the wonderful phrase that has inspired me, and went about my day ... this evening I decided to just peep at it again. Started typing in the URL and lo and behold what do my eyes (mis)read? Sheila's Cunt Is Shiny. Fabulous. I think I'll keep it.